Discover How To WOW Your Prospects,
Enroll Clients With Ease, And Ethically Sell!

 Your Way Out Of Tricky Conversations.

In this exclusive training you’ll learn:

Why People Listen To Experts And How To Become One.

How To Anticipate Where The Conversation’s Going And How To Be The One Leading It.

What Exactly To Say To Turn Any Cold Grinch Into A Warm, Fuzzy Bear.

Many Other NLP Principles  That Launch You Towards All-Star Success.

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Kody has trained over 500 coaches, real estate investors, creatives and sales professionals on how to turn uncomfortable, high-pressure “salesy pitches” into confident, almost irresistible conversations, which can get any person ready to buy from you way before you pitch them.

He has done it by figuring out four critical mistakes you’re oblivious to, which put your sales in jeopardy, turn prospects off, and make you wish you took that computer class seriously.

As a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer, Kody knows exactly how the human brain works and… what small steps you can take — starting today — to position your service as the icy-hot to your clients’ pains and get them on board without sounding desperate or pushy.

But, time is of the essence. This short but powerful training WILL continuously raise in price. Take this opportunity to skyrocket your sales game to a whole new level.

P.S. Every sales tactic you learn in this short training is based on ethical, practical principles. Principles, which equip you with critical techniques to genuinely help and serve people. In short, you will start looking forward to your day and enjoy closing deals like never before.

I'm Ready To Watch The Video (only 7 mins)